I have spent my life (so far) making music in every imaginable way, including composing and performing pieces for everything from kazoo to full symphony orchestra in just about every genre you can think of.  I love music, dogs, books, a good joke, and cooking incredibly spicy Cajun food. I began my music career playing piano for Mardi Gras bands on the Gulf Coast and years later found myself writing for and conducting one of the world’s top film orchestras – Sinfonia of London.  Along the way I earned a bachelor’s degree in Jazz, a master’s degree in composition, and eight Emmy’s for my work on music for television projects. Despite being a total techno geek, I still love to work with and record live musicians, and have produced music for some of the largest (and smallest) companies on the planet.  I love sharing the joy of music with students and am totally committed to seeing them grow in whatever direction their musical interests take them.

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