I am a recent graduate of the University of Florida, B.S. Biology (Cum Laude) (December 2016).

I have 13 years of experience in piano and have trained in classical music for 5 years.  I am open to teaching anyone of all ages and skill levels.  I would be more than happy to train and expose you to the wonderful art of piano!

In high school, I took many AP exams, of which include the AP Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus exams, scoring 5s on all of them.  I competed in the National Chemistry Olympiad and scored as one of top two scorers in both the regional and state level exams.  I was one of a handful of students who scored a perfect score on the AP Biology exam in 2014.  I am more than willing to provide all the help and resources I can to ensure that your high-school child understands any difficult concept in Biology, Chemistry, and/or Calculus so that he or she may succeed on any of these exams.  What to bring: any necessary material, aids, books, etc. that are used to study and prepare for any of these exams so that we can go over topics that are difficult and challenging.  It is highly recommended that your child has some form of relevant material and questions to bring to each tutoring session.  What I will provide: a comprehensive, thorough review of material that is the focus of that tutoring session, whereby I will teach and engage your child so that he or she is actively involved in the learning process, rather than me simply giving a long-winded lecture of the material.  Specifically, this includes me teaching by visually constructing methodologies and short-cuts (if applicable) to work out and solve specific problems and encouraging your child to work on and solve problems as essential practice; it is ALWAYS important to physically do the problems yourself rather than listening how to do it from someone else, and this is an important principle I abide to and it will serve as the foundation in the way I teach my students.  I will also provide any additional worksheets and problems pertaining to the focused topic(s) for your child to work on and complete before the next tutoring session.

I believe in tutoring my students with the goal that they become well-rounded individuals, a character trait that is unique and of extreme value and importance, especially when seeking out and applying for jobs upon graduating high school or college.  Thus, I’d be happy to tutor both piano and any academic subjects listed above in the same session, if desired!


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